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this infographic shows the different level of alcoholic consumption in Europe

Alcoholic Consumption in Europe

There are significantly different levels of alcoholic consumption in Europe

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Ukraine Crisis Map - The Situation as of 30 October

Stories from Hell: Hostages of the "Donetsk People’s Republic" - Part 2

Real stories of Ukrainian people taken hostage in Donbas

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Russian air force raids across European borders

Russian Air Force is Testing the NATO/European Defense

Russian military planes have conducted several raids near European borders

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Keep Calm & Pay Your Taxes

Quo vadis Hungary? Internet tax for 2015

FIDESZ, the right-wing ruling party in Hungary, is planning to levy an unprecedented tax for internet data traffic.

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Total number of European Colonies

Total Number of European Colonies Throughout History

Europe has a long history of colonisation

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The latest situation in the east of Ukraine. Despite the "ceasefire" the situation is still fluid.

Stories from Hell: Hostages of the "Donetsk People’s Republic" - Part 1

Real stories of Ukrainian people taken hostage in Donbas

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Corruption in the European Union

Infographic: Corruption across Europe

The European Commission organized a survey examining corruption levels across the European Union

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Abortion laws in Europe

Abortion in Europe after withdrawal in Spain: What is the position of the European Union?

Abortion is a sensitive subject in Spain

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European Drug Report infographic made by

Drugs in Europe

European countries with the highest drug-induced death rate.

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There are stark differences in the number of migrants throughout Europe.

Europe Needs a Common Immigration Policy

Together, we must establish how many immigrants each country needs, in which industries they are needed and from which regions of the world they should be from.

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EU Enlargement has many benefits, but which is the best one?

EU Enlargement: What is Best About It?

What are the advantages of expanding the European Union?

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Recycling in Europe infographic made by Statista (

Recycling Remains a Rarity in Eastern Europe

Recycling shows huge differences between many European countries.

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Nationalist parties across Europe gained many seats in the recent European Parliament elections.

Greece - The Ancient Pioneer of Multiculturalism

Athens is now a battleground of nationalism versus more liberal ideas, however it was once the root of Stoicism and cosmopolitanism.

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List of European Inventions

You're welcome, world!

Things Europe invented

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Volkan Bozkir is very passionate about Turkey's European path.

Turkey’s New EU Strategy

Volkan Bozkir comments on the most important aspects of the Turkey-EU partnership

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Teen Pregnancy Rates in the EU

Teen Pregnancy Rates in the EU

Teen Pregnancy is an actual problem in some regions of the EU

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Ebola cases in Europe (Map created on 15 Oct)

Ebola: An Emergency in the Emergency

EU member states have donated over half a billion Euro to help fight Ebola. However, much more needs to be done.

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The Memory Culture of Europeans reflects how deeply divided Europe was during World War One

European Memory Culture and World War One

In 2014, the entire European continent commemorates the centenary of the Great War. Analysing national approaches to this anniversary and World War One in general shows great differences between the European states.

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Europe's high dependence on Russia Gas

Infographic: Europe is highly dependent on Russian gas

Percentage of Russian gas supplied to Europe

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Romaeuropa 2014

The Romaeuropa Festival

Romaeuropa is one of the most prestigious Italian and European festivals for contemporary culture and performing arts.

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All you need to know about Generation Z

What comes after Generation Z?

Meet the millennials!

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The Odeon of Herodes Atticus at night

The Magic of the Odeon of Herodes Atticus

The Herodion Atticus is a magical theatre structure located on the southwest slope of the Acropolis

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The OneEurope GooglePlus Page

Follow OneEurope on GooglePlus!

Help us build the Debate on the Future of Europe!

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Europe's Busiest Psychiatrists. This infographic has been made by Statista (

Portugal Has the EU’s Busiest Psychiatrists

Portugal, Spain and Malta are the European countries where people receive the most psychiatric treatments.

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