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Infographics: Social Intranets On The Rise

Infographics: Social Intranets On The Rise

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Syrian asylum applicants in Europe

The "Eastern-Western European Rift" on the refugee/migrant issue

The state between the "National" and the "Supranational"

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World University Rankings 2015-2016

Top Univesities by Region

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Vladimir Putin and Bashar Hafez al-Assad

Russia in Syria

For two days Russian planes, escorted by Syrian MiG29, have been flying over the Daesh/Isis areas without bombing, while the Syrian, Egyptian, Iranian and Iraqi intelligence services are cooperating actively with the Russian military services.

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EU and UK flags

Yes to Europe: Dismissing the Eurosceptic Claims

Uncovering the inaccuracies and myths behind some of the most frequent eurosceptic arguments against EU membership

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The top 10 most competitive economies in the world

The top 10 most competitive economies in the world

It seems the recovery process after the economic crisis is fast and forward in Europe.

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Bicycles in Amsterdam

The 10 Most Bike-Friendly Cities in Europe

Fancy a bike ride? Then head to one of Europe's best cities for cycling!

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Sailing in rough seas. Can the EU weather the storm?

Europe in Crisis: Is This the End of the EU?

Refugee crisis, debt crisis, eurozone crisis, Brexit, Grexit...Is the end of the European Union in sight?

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Today we celebrate the Reunification of Germany

25 Years of German Unity

The Reunification of Germany reminds Europe important it is to be united

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II Trilateral Youth Forum „Germany, Russia, Ukraine: A Common Future?“

II Trilateral Youth Forum „Germany, Russia, Ukraine: A Common Future?“

Call for Applications

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Syrian Migrants

The Syrian Crisis

Professor Giancarlo Elia Valori discusses the potential outcomes of the Syrian crisis.

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Figure-Skating at the Winter Olympics

Inspiring and Beautiful… The talented Russian women who pushed their limits to achieve excellence

A look at Russia's most inspiring female ballerinas and ice-skaters

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Internships in the EU

Internships in the EU

Are Young Europeans Doomed to a Life of Internships?

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The Milan Expo 2015

The Milan Expo 2015

The theme of the Expo 2015 is Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. Unfortunately, most countries have not embraced the theme and have gone for touristic or business promotion of their countries.

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The best countries to grow old in

The best countries to grow old in

Europe is one of the best places to grow old in

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A 'thank you' message written by a Syrian refugee in Vienna's Westbahnhof

What has the immigration crisis taught us about Europe?

After spending time in Vienna’s Westbahnhof OneEurope guest contributor Anna Wilson reflects on what the refugee crisis is revealing about Europe.

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Geopolitics as a game of chess

Future empires and geopolitical equilibria

Discussing the latest strategies of today's world powers

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European Youth Report 2015

Infographic: European Youth Report 2015

The one-third of the most educated generation in Europe is at the risk of poverty

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Arrival of asylum seekers at a train station in Europe

The Balkans - the Alternative Solution to the Refugee Crisis

Can countries like Macedonia and Serbia help tackle the large influx of refugees seeking shelter in Europe?

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A personalised can of coke made for OneEurope at the Coca Cola pavilion

Milan World's Fair 2015

The word’s fair, best known as Expo, is currently taking place in Milan. The theme chosen for the 2015 World Exhibition is 'Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life', which is a very important issue considering the concerns and the forecasts of many specialists regarding the quantity of food that will be available globally in the near future.

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E-Commerce Europe 2013

Infographic: Northern European e-Commerce

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What work place rights the EU has introduced to the UK. Source: British Influence

EU protects workplace rights in the UK

The EU has introduced many beneficial workers' rights to the UK.

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Euroscepticism defended

OneEurope is keen to encourage a robust debate on the future of Britain in the EU. The article below by Young Eurosceptics makes the case against EU membership.

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Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak from the OneEurope team!

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Berlaymont building in Brussels, the headquarters of the European Commission

The Complexity of Policy-Making in Europe

An analysis of the complex processes that underpin decision-making in the European Union

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Syrian Refugees in the Middle East

Syrian Refugees aren't just in Europe

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Does UKIP polivcies protect womensä rights? Source: British Influence

What has UKIP done for women?

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One of the first solar benches

South East Europe Smart City Project

Focusing on renewable sources of energy for better cities

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countries with the most Arts and Humanities graduates

Top ten countries with the most Arts and Humanities graduates

Europe is the home of the greatest artists the world has ever seen

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Christiania is the second most popular tourist attraction in Copenhagen.

Christiania – the Drug Capital of Denmark?

On 9 September the police seized cannabis-containing drugs with an estimated street value of 350,000 crones in Christiania, a self-proclaimed state in the heart of Copenhagen. Five days earlier, they had seized there drugs worth around a million crones. This struggle against drugs has been going on for over 40 years. For her latest article for OneEurope, Maria Karnaukhova has been investigating whether Christiania represents a huge problem for public authorities or is just a popular tourist attraction.

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