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Snapshot of the Freedom in the World Report by Freedom House

World Freedom Index 2015

Belarus shows the lowest levels of freedom in Europe

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Grexit Part III: TheEUropean Perspective

Now that the far left party Syriza has been elected in Greece, how will Europe react?

by Ligia Corduneanu on (0)

European Capitals of Culture through the years

The History of the European Capital of Culture Programme

We've all heard about the European Capital of Culture, but did you ever wonder how did this program start?

by Santino Santinelli on (0)

Why invest in gender equality

Why invest in gender equality

Europe and Central Asia

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Violence against women in the European Union.

Is the European Union "safe" for women?

Raising awareness about violence against women in Europe.

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Global Coworking Census 2013

Global Coworking Spaces in 2013

The global coworking spaces census in 2013

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Man vs Machine

How the man vs. machine paradigm shapes jobs in the translation & interpretation industry

This is hot: computers may soon replace humans in the process of translation. If you are a linguist, don’t panic ― just keep reading. If you are not, it’s still a recommendable read because the newest trends in translation are shaping the way we think even more than we would suppose.

by Anna Władyka on (0)

My Europe

The European Cultural Identity

My name is Eliot Robinson. I live in Stockholm, Sweden, but I do not feel European.” This was me, blind to what was about to happen. It was before the big event; the event that came to change the cultural identity of Europe for years to come.

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Greece made its choice

Greek Elections' Results

Elections' Results

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Military spending / GDP / Population

World Military Spending

USA and EU alone make more than half of the world's military budget

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We are all Immigrants

The Importance of Integrating Europe's Migrants

A migrant's perspective

by Christos Mouzeviris on (0)

 Russia's Imperial Aspirations

Russia's Imperial Aspirations

Russia seems to have no regrets about its Soviet past

by Olga Petrova on (0)

Unemployment is spread unevenly throughout Europe

Infographic: Unemployment in Europe

The European Union is experiencing an Unemployment Crisis

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Jökulsá á Fjöllum river and its bridge.

Hydraulic power: renewable, clean and "green"?

Iceland's most famous river and falls are under threat.

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Syriza Rally in Athens

Grexit Part II: The Greek Perspective

With the highly anticipated Greek elections taking place today, is Grexit likely in the foreseeable future?

by Ligia Corduneanu on (0)

This list of Aviation Accidents has been made by Statista (

Countries with the highest amount of fatal civil aviation accidents since 1945

The UK and France are the only European countries with the highest number of airline accidents

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Latvia, Spain, Luxembourg and the UK, have the largest minority populations in the European Union

Infographic: Minorities in the European Union

A glimpse of the multicultural European society

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Could this be the future of transportation?

Nanotechnology Can Revolutionize Travel in Europe

A scenario from the future - how 2030 could look like from a transportation standpoint

by My Europe on (0)

The European Institution of Gender Equality

2030: The Gender Gap in Europe is Finally Closed!

The European Institution of Gender Equality (EIGE) has today officially announced that the European Union has reached its goal to become the first region in the world with total equality between the genders. The head of the institution was proudly answering questions at the press conference.

by My Europe on (0)

Women take the back seat in international films.

Gender Bias Without Borders

10% of all films have a gender balanced cast

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10 out of 15 cities with the most millionaires are in Europe

The Highest Millionaire Density is in Europe

Europe remains the top location for millionaires worldwide

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TTIP: a contentious agreement under negotiation

The EU and the US have a long lasting relationship and want to take it one step further with a free trade agreement. But the TTIP has fierce opposition.

by Susana Santos Faria on (0)

OneEurope Writing Contest

OneEurope Writing Contest!

A writing contest to get published and promoted across Europe!

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Party Donations in 2012

Campaign Money is Ruining Politics

Funding for political parties has for long been a source of contention in the UK. With little political consensus on this issue, political funding reform is overdue.

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The European Union will increase investments in Solar Power

Solar Power in Europe

Next Generation Power and Energy in the EU

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