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Let go of human trafficking

Trafficking: A Real Puzzler for Both Experienced and Inexperienced Solvers

Understanding human trafficking and how it is perceived in international law

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Why invest in women?

Gender Inequality in the World

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Tsipras's Russian gambit

Tsipras's Russian Gambit

The latest visit of Alexis Tsipras, the Greek Prime Minister, to Russia raised a lot of eyebrows in Europe. It took place at a time when relations between Greece and the EU have considerably deteriorated due to differing views on the resolution for the Greek debt crisis.

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Addressing the immigration crisis - Europe's biggest challenge

The immigration crisis is fast becoming Europe’s greatest challenge

Reconciling Europe with non-EU immigration

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Entrepreneurship in Europe: Are You Captain or Sailor?

An inspiring guide to aspiring European entrepreneurs

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European Overseas Territories

EU Overseas Countries and Territories and Outermost Regions


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Your vote counts

Local Elections in Albania, again…

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Number of languages spoken in the EU

Avarage number of languages spoken by the EU population

Dutch people are leading the way, when it comes to foreign languages.

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Please tell us about your friends in the European Parliament Mr. Cameron

Please tell us about your friends in the European Parliament Mr. Cameron

Should we approve of the Conservative party's new alliances in the European Parliament?

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Trust in the government and the business sector is falling.

Infographic: Global Trust Levels

Trust levels in many governments are very loew

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This infographic about life expectancy in Europe has been made by Jakub Marian (

Life expectancy in Europe

Andorra has the longest life expectancy in Europe

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Migration flows in Mediterranean region

Protect People Not Borders

So how does someone who not so long ago belonged to an underserved minority become an important figure in politics and what does it have to do with immigration?

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Number of seats in National Parliaments

Number of seats in the national parliament

Good representativity or too much spending?

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East and West

The quest for an alternative mind-set: Putin and the Eurasian way of life

Speaking about mind-sets and how they create our identity

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“Visions for our common future in Europe”

Visions for Our Common Future in Europe

“EuropeCanDoBetter” is an international study that collects the views on Europe of young people from four different countries and gives them a voice in the political discourse. In an interview with, research associate Ariane Jordan speaks about the project, the possible solutions to European challenges and the under-representation of young people in European politics.

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Social Media is a huge part of our life, but sometimes we need to take a break

Are you able to unplug?

An Ultimate Guide to Unplugging

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European Commission

The Reformation of the ESIF - A Worrying Distribution of Money within the EU

The Commission is trying to withdraw money from the European Structural and Investment Fund (ESIF), a main source of funding for all regional and local government authorities and for social projects including the ESF- fund and the Erasmus+ deal.

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Who invests more in education?

Infographic: Countries that Invest the Most in Education

See the countries that care about the future of the young generation by investing more in education.

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Passports' Colour Around The World

United in Diversity!

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Bulgarian Capital Sofia

Bulgaria: Outsourced Heaven

Bulgaria's challenge of balancing the need for investment whilst retaining its economic integrity is facing the country with a difficult dilemma.

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Gjergji Bojaxhi

Local Elections in Tirana: a Chance for a Political Spring

Local government elections are drawing closer in Albania. While the two main political parties are yet to announce their candidates in most municipalities, can an independent candidate break with traditional party politics and win the election in Tirana?

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European Integration has been a slow, but steady process.

Infographic: European History and Enlargement Prospects

Which countries will join the European Union next?

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Should the EU do more to encourage men to take paternity leave?

Paternity Leave in the European Union

Forty years ago Sweden was the first country in the world to introduce a paid parental leave allowance with no regard to gender, but Europe still has a long way to go to shrink the gap between paternity and maternity leave.

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This infographic about teenagers and the internet has been made by Statista (

Teenagers and the Internet

American teenagers use internet several times a day

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Tick, tick, tick goes the typewriter and then the loud “ding!” when one reaches the end of the line, typewriters have long since disappeared from present-day offices. For millions of people, the introduction of computers and of the Internet has dramatically changed the way they work. After our offices, it is now our factories’ turn to enter the age of digitalisation. Robots plan and optimise production processes; they order the necessary parts autonomously; and they even arrange for the delivery of the final product to customers. This is commonly referred to as ‘Industry 4.0’ – a field in which Europe aims to play a leading role in order to overcome the crisis.

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Happy Easter!

Happy Orthodox Easter!

Христос Воскрес! Χριστὸς ἀνέστη! Христос възкресе! Хрыстос Уваскрос! Krishti u ngjall!

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Law vs Equity

Law vs Equity

Which one should prevail when they both mean different things?

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Number of MPs per country

Infographic: Parliamentary Seats in Europe

How many Members of Parliament does your country actually need?

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a European Unemployment Insurance

Effects of a European Unemployment Insurance

The Great Recession of 2008/09 and the resulting debt crisis revived a debate about deeper fiscal integration in Europe. At the moment, especially a common unemployment insurance scheme for the Eurozone is discussed. The idea is that such a scheme could cushion the impact of economic crises if national member states are not sufficiently able to fulfill this function. However, what could be the actual design and the effects of a European unemployment insurance? And what are the risks?

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Infographic: The History of the Olympic Games

The Chronicle of the Ancient Olympic Games in Classical Greece

Olympic Games as a European Based Tradition

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