A Melting Pot – Why Not?

A Melting Pot – Why Not?

“We must go back to teach Europeans to love Europe.”
Do you think the process of electing European Commissioners is appropriate?

Infographic: How to appoint a European Commissioner

After the stressful election of a President of the European Commission, the EU can now focus on selecting the European Commissioners.
Belarus and the Belarusians have been a part of many European cultures, kingdoms and empires. They have a unique culture and language.

Busting the Myths about Belarus

Two young Belarusians are on a mission to disprove the stereotypes about Belarus, and show Europe that Belarus is not part of Russia.
The French language is spoken by 238 million people worldwide, and by 24% of the EU's population (as a first, or second language).

The Origins of the French Language

From the Celtic language, through Latin, Frankish, Langue D'oil, Langue D'oc and Francien, the French language has had many influences from many parts of Europe.
The most popular first and secondary foreign languages studied in some European countries.

Do you know which are the most studied languages in Europe?

This infographic presents the top 4 most studied languages in Europe.
European Union Aid helps many people all over the world.

The EU Aid Routes

Who benefits most from EU Aid?
Infographic about EU jobs

Do you know how to get an EU job?

This interesting infographic shows how to find a EU job and its benefits
Albanian flag

Albania in the EU

Albania, a country of 3 million inhabitants in the north-western Greece and southern Montenegro was granted the status as a potential candidate for accession to the European Union at the European Council in Santa Maria Feira on 19th and 20th of June, 2000.
1.4 Billion Passengers Are Safely Transported Every Year

1.4 Billion Passengers Are Safely Transported Every Year

Near the borders of the map the actual number of planes may be higher, as Flightradar24 can't dispay all planes at once.

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The European Project has made significant changes to all aspects of life in Europe. Has been it been positive overall in your opinion?

History of the European Integration

Are you happy with the process of European Integration?
In the 19th Century Europe Was Leading in Architecture

In the 19th Century Europe Was Leading in Architecture

The Old Europe was dominating global architecture with a few exceptions
Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang

Italy Promises New Cooperation with China while Holding the EU Presidency

Lusine Sargysan's latest article draws attention to the cooperation plan between Italy and China and the elements that are implied by it.
Hundreds of Young Europeans will meet in Paris for a week of workshops aiming to create a more conscious European society.

International Youth Forum: “Greater Europe Meetings: Paris 2014”

The Youth Association for a Greater Europe are hosting an international youth forum in order to make Europe more united, by getting young Europeans together for a series of workshops.
A Eurotrip is a great adventure!

Eurotrip: Travelling around Europe in the 1960s

A young Irishman called Neil Young Dawson visited 72 cities within 6 months during his Eurotrip.
There are many great festivals in Europe this summer!

Summer ’14: The Fringe Festival and other Unmissable Events!

Check out the biggest European festivals and cultural events this summer.
Western Press blames Russia for the downed MH17 in Ukraine

Western Press blames Russia for the downed MH17 in Ukraine

The outrageous terroristic act in the Ukraine may finally make the West act
Rediscovery of the Rusyn culture and language in Slovakia

Rediscovery of the Rusyn culture and language in Slovakia

Rusyns in Slovakia could achieve a revival after the fall of Communism with the rediscovery of the Rusyn culture and language. On the other hand, Rusyns in Ukraine are still … › more

Overall Europe did very well at the World Cup

Come on, Europe!

Many European countries did Europe proud at the World Cup!
Matteo Renzi

An Italian Recipe for Europe?

For many Italians Renzi is an energetic and communicative 39-year-old man who seems to be a feather in Italy's cap.
Infographic: Five Years of the European Parliament

Infographic: Five Years of the European Parliament

What have European Parliament done since 5 years
It is final.

It is final.

For the first time in history, the European Parliament decided upon the leading EU executive in a democratic vote.
The European Interns' Day will take place on 18th July at Place du Lux in Brussels.

Interns Out There: Now Is the Time!

"4.5 million take an internship per year, out of which 59% are unpaid, 40% are without a contract and 30% are internships that do not provide any learning content"
Germany is World Cup Champion 2014!

Germany is World Cup Champion 2014!

Germany defeated Argentina with 1:0 in the final match
Usually famous for "Solidarity", this map shows a totally different side to our Polish brothers.

Europe according to the Polish

Poland has a somewhat unique view of Europe according to this map.
Millions of students have participated in the Erasmus programme.

Erasmus and the Politics of Culture

Andreea Cristina Apostol desribes the mind-opening experience of her Erasmus programme at Kadir Has University in Turkey.
Are you a typical Erasmus student?

The portrait of a typical Erasmus student

The European Comission presented new Erasmus statistics
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