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Murder rate in Europe

Getting murdered in Russia is at least 7 times more likely than in the EU

Do you feel safe in your country?

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Tens of thousands of Greeks participated in the Greek People's Liberation Army and the National People's Liberation Army

The Red December of Greece - Part 1

Dekemvriana is one of the most troubled periods in the history of Greece

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Berlin, the hub spot for start-ups

Berlin, the Silicon Valley of Europe [Part I]

Is Berlin the European headquarters for start-ups?

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UK Migration Attitudes

UK Migration Attitudes

United in Diversity!

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World's leaders in innovation

World's leaders in innovation

China is rising faster than we thought it will.

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Climate Action meeting

The 2030 EU Climate and Energy Package

The European Union aims to limit the increase in global temperature to a maximum of 2 degrees Celsius.

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Startup Weekend Triana

Startup Weekend Tirana

Startup Weekend Tirana 3 concluded its three day activity with a special competition of the best and most innovative business ideas by Albanian youngsters. The event took place at the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth headquarters, on November 21-23, 2014.

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Foreigners in Europe - by

Infographic: Non-Nationals in Europe

Luxembourg has the most foreigners in Europe

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This infographic about the jihadist violence has been made by Statista (

Extremism - A European Problem?

Last November many people have been killed by jihadists.

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Christmas in Europe

A European Christmas Calendar put together by 40 young Europeans from 28 nations

Spreading joy to the less fortunate this Christmas

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The European Patent office received 265,690 European Patent Filings from Europe and abroad last year.

The World of Patents in Europe

Intellectual property is a key driver of business in Europe. This infographic by SOR Solicitors presents the key stats on European Patent Filings.

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Launching a start-up in the EU - love it or leave it?

The Perspectives of Entrepreneurship in the EU

Is it worth to launch a small or medium business in the EU?

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This infographic about LP has been made by Statista (

Vinyl Comes Back To A New Life

USA, Germany and the UK are the countries in which LP are more sold

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Increased localism renews interest in democracy and can save Great Britain

Localism's importance in democracy

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The European Patent Office received hundreds of thousands of European Patent Filings last year, however most of them came from outside of Europe.

Europe's Most Inventive Nations

This infographic shows which European and global nations have filed the most European Patent Filings with the European Patent Office last year.

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Refugees risking their lives to reach Europe

Europe’s Dirty Problems

“Treasure your legacy of skills, child of Europe. Inheritor of Gothic cathedrals, of baroque churches. Of synagogues filled with the wailing of a wronged people. Successor of Descartes, Spinoza, inheritor of the word 'honour', Posthumous child of Leonidas Treasure the skills acquired in the hour of terror. You have a clever mind which sees instantly The good and bad of any situation.” (Czeslaw Milosz)

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The Hardest Languages to learn for English speakers

The Hardest Languages to learn for English speakers

Easy or hard to learn?

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Saint Nicholas is arriving with Black Petes in the Netherlands

Why Black Pete created discussions in the Netherlands and outside the country?

Why this beloved tradition is perceived by some people as a racist stereotype, although according to the latest polls Dutch people had never associated Black Pete with a black person, and many of them can’t perceive why one of the most tolerant countries in Europe can be criticized by cultivating in their children latent racism?

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Between Federation and Disintegration: Can Europe redefine Itself?

Between Federation and Disintegration: Can Europe redefine Itself?

The EU is at a crossroads, and the question Europe as a whole needs to ask itself is how it should cope with the growing demand for more democracy as well as more local and regional power within an increasingly globalised world. In this exclusive article for OneEurope, Peter Josika asks whether the current political structures meet the needs of our time and the foreseeable future.

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European Stereotypes

European Stereotypes part 4

Europeans and their ways

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Infographic by the European Parliament about the duties and election of the European Commission President.

Infographic: How to elect the President of the EC

Election procedure for the European Commission President

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Albanian boat “VLORA” and Albanian emigrants that reached Italy in 1991

Don’t miss the boat...

On 8th of December the Albanian Youth marks a significant date in tribute to the Students Movement in 1990. On this date a group of students and their professors gathered in the Student’s city to start the protests that lead to the fall of communism in 1990.

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This infographic of cities with the highest percentage of graduate workers is made by Statista (

Graduates Prefer Living in London, Paris and Berlin

European cities are the top destinations for graduates.

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José Sócrates, former Prime-minister of Portugal

2014 - The Year that changed Portugal

When corruption was fought by the Portuguese justice

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the map of Belgium

Belgium, the end of the federal system?

In a moment of democratic crisis in Europe, Belgium can embody the renewal of its institutional architecture through the voice of its citizens.

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