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Infographic on the Eurozone crisis

Infographic: Debt quake in the Eurozone

The Global Financial Crisis and the ensuing Eurocrisis have affected EU Member States tremendously

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This map with coins has been made by Daily Infographics (

World Map made with Local Coins

A nice world map made with coins

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The famous number 28 tram that crosses the narrow streets of Lisboa

Lisbon, a City to Discover

A truly unmissable destination for any globetrotter

by Fábio Paulos on (0)

EU Army

Is a single European army currently realistic?

The creation of a common European army would have advantages, but the foreign policy would have to be enhanced for it to be viable.

by Susana Santos Faria on (0)

The Top European Universities

Infographic: The Best Universities in Europe

Is your alma mater on the map of the top European universities?

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Europe's Double Standards

The Place of Freedom of Expression in Europe Today - The Muslim ‘Threat’?

This article seeks to examine the veracity of the Muslim "Threat" claim and to demonstrate that the real threat to our enjoyment of fundamental human rights lies not with Europe’s Muslim population but with our governing elites

by Kareem Padraig A. McDonald on (0)

Change the World, Educate Girls

Exclusion in education systems for girls

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Over 60 nations have satellites orbiting the Earth

Who could ever conspire in helping all of the Universe?

Who should be in charge of the international legislation concerning the actions that take place in outer space?

by Anna Maria Vougiouka on (0)

Europe's Drug Problem

Europe's Worst Drug Problem

Drug-induced Deaths

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The Iberian Lynx Roars

Bringing Back the Iberian Lynx

The fight to save one of Europe's endangered species.

by Fábio Paulos on (0)

Islam is part of Europe

Is Islam part of Europe?

Pegida gets attention from all over the world, provoking debates on the preservation of European culture amid globalisation and on the threat of radical Islamism, especially after the Charlie Hebdo shooting. Integration and Islam have become topics that everyone feels concerned with: clearly, today Islam is part of Europe.

by Lucie Wuester on (0)

Top 10 European countries with the fastest download speeds

Europe's Fastest Downloaders!

Romania leads by far in Downloading Speed

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Entrepreneurship in Europe: Are You Captain or Sailor?

Entrepreneurship in Europe: Are You Captain or Sailor?

An inspiring guide to aspiring European entrepreneurs

by Carmo Gouveia on (0)

Is China going to be the world leader?

Infographic: Europe Views China As World's Leading Economic Power

China As World's Leading Economic Power

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Share of foreigners in Europe

Share of foreigners of the total population in the EU in 2013

This infographic shows the list of the countries with the highest share of non-nationals in Europe

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Dresden, 20 October 2014, Pegida rally

Pegida in Europe – Islam belongs to Europe

In 2010 German president Wulff said “Islam belongs to Germany” which was at that time widely debated and it might still be the case. But the spread of Pegida rallies and large counter-demonstrations around Europe shows: Islam is part of Europe.

by Lucie Wuester on (0)

The best-selling newspapers in Europe

Infographic: Which Newspapers Reads Europe?

The best-selling European newspapers

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Juncker calls for EU army

The Idea of an EU Army Revived

On the 8th March 2015 Jean-Claud Juncker, the President of the European Commission, made an appeal and revived a 50 year old idea of creating an EU army as a response to the rising threat of Russia in the East

by Ligia Corduneanu on (0)

ACI Logo

Corruption – an Incurable Tumor that Kills our Societies?

The international fight against corruption has been gaining momentum in recent years, however a lot remains to be done to tackle deep-rooted corruption in EU countries and worldwide.

by Edgaras Katinas on (0)

Out-of-school children

Five dimensions of exclusion

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Israel-Palestine peace

The relationship between the European Union and Israeli-Palestinian conflict

History of the relationship between the EU and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

by Robin Alves on (0)

History of The Tallest Buildings in Europe

History of The Tallest Buildings in Europe

Europe's Buildings are some of our most important Cultural Heritage

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Map of Campania

Successes and Failures of the Cohesion Policy: the Case of Campania (Part II)

The cohesion policy was first introduced in Campania in 1989, but its impact so far has been rather limited.

by Alessio Romito on (0)

Saint Patrick's Day Celebrations in Dublin

Lá Fhéile Pádraig, Eoraip!

Christos Mouzeviris discusses the lack of pan-European media coverage of cultural festivities such as Saint Patrick's Day.

by Christos Mouzeviris on (0)

Map of Europe, according to Americans

How Americans See Europe

Are the American stereotypes about Europe true?

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Infographic: EU 2020 - European Strategy for Jobs

Infographic: EU 2020 - European Strategy for Jobs

Europe 2020, an EU strategy for jobs and smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, is based on five headline targets which are measured by different indicators.

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Maidan Nezalezhnosti at Dusk, April 2014

Among the Maidan Nazis

The author visited Kiev during the "Maidan" revolution. In this article he shares the stories of the people he met there and how their "revolution" was not a geopolitical game but a "revolution of dignity", based on human desires and hopes.

by Marco Ferraro on (0)

This infographic about the longest shifts in Europe has been made by Statista (

Greek Workers have the longest shifts in the EU

This infographic shows the average of hours worked per week in the EU

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Cohesion Policy

Successes and Failures of the Cohesion Policy: the Case of Campania (Part I)

The purpose of EU's cohesion policy is to promote economic and social cohesion across Europe by reducing disparities between regions and countries, but how successful has this policy really been?

by Alessio Romito on (0)

Infographic: the Biggest European Companies

Infographic: the Biggest European Companies

What are the leading companies in each European country?

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