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Some European countries use solar power much more than others.

Infographic: Sollar power in Europe

Europeans are using more and more Solar Power

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Dependency on energy imports into the EU in 2009

Cross-Border Interconnections to Diversify Energy Supplies in Europe

The European Union imports the majority of energy it consumes. As such it has as a goal to diversify the sources of energy supply and to interconnect the Member States electricity markets.

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Syrian refugees protest in Greece

Syrian Refugees Protest at Europe’s Door

It’s been the fifth consecutive day that almost 300 Syrian refugees have been holding a sit-in outside the Greek parliament, in a peaceful protest, calling for asylum and solidarity.

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new elected President of Romania

A significant moment for Romanians

For the past couple of weeks in Romania, there has been a real “political” Brownian movement within the spheres of actions of all its involved actors, either political leaders or citizens.

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Ukraine: One Year after Euromaidan

Ukraine: One Year after Euromaidan

That was a tough year for Ukraine and Europe. Let's see what has changed!

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this infographic made by Statista ( shows that trust sinks in Southern Europe

Trust in Southern European Governments Sinks

Southern Europeans don't trust their politicians

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UAEM organizes many campaigns and initiatives to bring essential medicines to all people.

UAEM Essay Competition

UAEM Europe is organizing a European Youth Essay Competition with the purpose of raising awareness about the Access to Medicines crisis in Europe.

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this infographic made by Statista ( shows slavery in numbers

The Modern Slavery

Also in Europe Some People Live Under Slavery Condition

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This infographic of deadliest countries for journalists has been made by Statista (

The Deadliest Countries for Journalists in 2014

This year Ukraine has been one of the most dangerous countries for journalists

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The Latest Situation in the east of Ukraine in November

The Ukraine Crisis for Dummies and Why It Is Important - The Final Chapter

The last part of the series looking at the underlying causes of the crisis in Ukraine

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Infographic revealing the share of foreigners in EU countries in 2012.

Foreigners in the EU

Luxembourg has the most foreigners per capita in Europe

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Infographic: Germany comes first for Syrian Refugee resettlement

Infographic: Germany comes first for Syrian Refugee resettlement

The conflict in Syria has created over three million refugees with the vast majority of them fleeing to neighbouring countries. Germany come first for Syrian refugee resettlement, with over 20,000 places …

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This infographic about Movember has been made by Statista (

The Movember Foundraising

Movember is an important fundraising against male cancer

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The flag of Ukraine

The Ukraine Crisis for Dummies and Why It Is Important - Part II

A three part guide to the crisis in Ukraine. In Part II the author discusses the relationship between economics and politics in Ukraine.

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The Rosetta Mission of the European Space Agency and its costs.

Europe in Space: What are the Costs of the Rosetta Mission?

Surprisingly, landing on a comet didn't hurt the European budget.

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This infographic of gender equality has been made by Statista (

Gender Equality

In some European countries gender equality is more developed than in others.

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Map of Europe

Inventing Traditions for Europe – Part Two

“If we were to do it again, we would start with culture.” (Jean Monnet)

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Meet the Somalis helps Europeans understand the difficulties of refugees coming to Europe.

At Home in Europe: Immigrants' Lifes in a Comic Book

"Meet the Somalis" introduces real-life stories of Somali immigrants in Europe

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The Russian bear has awoken.

The Ukraine Crisis for Dummies and Why It Is Important - Part I

A three part guide to the crisis in Ukraine. In Part I the author looks at the international political context following the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

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Driverless Cars include much more technology than traditional cars.

Driverless Cars in Europe - from 2015!

Britain will introduce driverless cars in a couple of months, and the rest of Europe will follow soon after.

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The countries with the most attractive citizens in Europe

Most Attractive Europeans

Of course beauty is a matter of personal opinion, but the results are interesting

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Poppies Field in Flanders

11 Sobering Facts about the First World War in Europe

The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 marked the end of hostilities of the First World War.

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Infographic of the key actions taken by the European Union to tackle the Eurocrisis.

Infographic: The EU's Response to the Eurocrisis

The European Union took a number of actions and created new policies to tackle the Eurocrisis. Were they effective in your opinion?

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The long history and many cultural sites of Greece are often used to divert attention from current issues.

Greece: Culture as a Propaganda Tool

A recent excavation was blown out of proportion in order to divert attention from serious issues.

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